EKG Technician Training Course
Become a member of the health care team by gaining the skills to perform Electrocardiogram in the hospital, clinic, lab, or physician office. Course topics include: Anatomy and Physiology of the heart, diseases of the heart, proper lead placement, operating the monitor, Holter monitors, Pacemakers, basic reading of EKG recordings, identifying artifacts, and professionalism.  Upon successful completion of the EKG program, students will have the option of sitting for the CET (Certified EKG Technician) Exam at Southeastern through the NHA (National Health Career Association) for an additional fee.
8 week program                                                    Starts:  1/26/16
Tues. & Thurs. 5:30-8:30                                       Cost: $450 * (includes book)
Instructor: Loi Cousens

Anatomy & Physiology
Are you thinking of entering a course in the in-demand health care field?  This course will cover the following systems:  integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, special senses, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive and immune systems.  This course fulfills the requirements for the Health Claims Specialist program.
10 week program                                                                              Starts: 11/10/2015
Tues. 6:00-9:00 p.m.                                                                        Cost:  $330  includes book
Instructor: TBA

Medical Billing
Medical Billing is an in-depth course for those pursuing a position in a medical setting.  Learn about billing terminology for, Managed Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. Practice completing medical paper claim forms, as well as electronic claims billing. The course provides an overview of medical laws for HIPPA.
5 week program                                                                             Starts: Spring 2016
Tues. & Thurs.  5:30-8:30 p.m.                                                    Cost: $330
Instructor: Lori Cousens

Introduction to Medical Coding
What does a medical coder do? Medical Coders are in demand and are paid well. Students will learn how to translate medical terms into medical codes and understand the official guidelines to coding from the coding manuals. This course covers three different coding systems, (CPT, ICD-9 CM & HCPCS).  Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is for evaluation, and management; surgery, radiology and laboratory testing; International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9 CM) is to code for diseases and Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) is to code for medical equipment & medical supplies. Prerequisite:  Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology
5 week program                                                                       Starts: Spring 2016
Tues. & Thurs.  5:30-8:30 p.m.                                              Cost: $330
Instructor: Lori Cousens

CBCS (Certified Billing & Coding Specialist) Exam Review
This course will review the material learned in the Health Claims Specialist Program to prepare you to sit for the CBCS exam through the NHA (National Health Career Association). 
3 day program                                                                          Starts: Spring 2016
Tues. & Thurs.  5:30-8:30 p.m.                                             Cost:  $100
Instructor:  Lori Cousens

CBCS (Certified Billing & Coding Specialist) Exam
You have done all of the work and have received your Health Claims Specialist Certificate.  Now it is time to take the CBCS certification exam through the NHA.  STI is an approved testing site.  A copy of your high school diploma or GED is required to take the exam.  The maximum time allowed to complete the exam is 2hrs. There are 120 total questions.  It is a paper/pencil exam.  Please make sure to have a #2 pencil with you.
Thurs. Test Date: Spring 2016
6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.                                                                
Cost:  $125

Medical Ethics and Law
This class introduces you to the ethics and legal principles involved in the medical environment. Learn the similarities and differences between law and ethics, key terms, decision making models and various behavioral patterns. You will examine real live case studies, branches of government, classification of laws, medical specialty boards, physician’s rights, liability of health professionals, federal regulations, confidentiality (HIPAA), codes of ethics and bioethical issues, and healthcare websites. Upon completion of the class students will understand patient rights, healthcare reform and ethical standards of behavior.
4 week program                                                                      Starts: 10/13/2015
Tues. & Thurs. 5:30-8:30 p.m.                                              Cost:  $315 includes book
Instructor: Lori Cousens

Medical Terminology
Your future is in the medical field. Learn the language. You will learn the elements of medical terminology to enable you to break down and understand the medical terms related to the different body systems and various diseases and conditions.  This course fulfills the requirements for the Health Claims Specialist program.
4 week program                                                                      Starts: 9/15/2015
Tues. & Thurs. 5:30-8:30 p.m.                                              Cost:  $330 includes book
Instructor: Lori Cousens


Part Time Evening Practical Nurse Program

TEAS Exam Date: 9/12/2015
Time: 7:45 A.M.
Location: Southeastern Technical Institute

For more information regarding the new version of the TEAS Exam visit www.atitesting.com

You must apply to Southeastern Technical Institute before testing. In order to apply to the Southeastern Technical Institute you must be a United States Citizen or a Permanent Resident. You must also obtain proof of high school equivalency. Completing the Preparation Courses does not guarantee passing scores on the Teas Exam or acceptance to any program.

You are required to obtain your ATI Paper pencil ID# prior to TEAS Examination

Practical Nurse TEAS Entrance Exam Preparation Courses
Are you applying to the Practical Nurse program?  Do you need some review and preparation classes to do your best on the entrance exam?  Then these classes are for YOU!  The classes are taught by Math and English instructors. Click Here for course topics.

6 week TEAS ENGLISH program                                                      Starts: 10/7/2015
Wed.  7:00-9:00 p.m.                                                                            Cost:  $100.00
Instructor: Sara Mulchay

8 week TEAS MATH program                                                            Starts: 10/8/2015
Thurs.  6:00-8:00 p.m.                                                                          Cost:  $130.00
Instructor:  Kevin Rose

6 week TEAS READING COMPREHENSION program                 Starts:  10/7/2015
Wed.  6:00-7:00 p.m.                                                                          Cost:  $55.00
Instructor: Sara Mulchay


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